Call for Abstract Reviewers


The Host Organizing Committee calls for your help and kindly invites you to be one of the prominent reviewers for the 3rd VdGM Forum.


Please find attached the call for reviewers.


Reviewing abstracts is a crucial part of the preparations for the Forum, and your help will, therefore, be much appreciated.


As an Abstract Reviewer you will have the chance to experience being part of a scientific committee and ensure the scientific quality of the Forum.


The review process shall favor the abstracts that address the theme of the Forum - Reaching out for diverse populations: Medicine for the vulnerable (refugees, immigrants, LGBTs, prisoners, mental illness and populations with special needs).


Reviewers will evaluate the abstracts using a simple scoring system, for any of the four categories: workshops, short oral presentations, posters, debates.


If you would like to be an abstract reviewer, please fill the online form.