Pre-forum exchange program


As per VdGM tradition, the 3rd Forum will present you the chance to participate in a exchange program. Between 30 to 40 residents and establishing family physicians will have the opportunity to have a glance at the life of an Israeli resident/family physician. We plan to recruit hosts from all over Israel in order to comply with the participants' preferences. Naturally most of the hosts will be located in the cities of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.


The exchange will last for 3 days (September 11-13, 2016). Please note that participants are expected to arrive on September 10th, so as to be at the host practice in the morning of September 11th. Participants will be hosted in a great variety of primary care clinics, from large medical centers to cozy, intimate clinics, in urban and rural areas.


The Israeli primary care system is well organized, having an obligatory health insurance and 5 Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) to serve all citizens. Despite being a small country, Israel has the 2nd largest HMO in the world (Clalit Health Services). Comprehensive computerized medical files detailing all encounters, labs and imaging tests, attachments and even in-hospital information are the standard of care. Multicultural and diverse populations are treated in the clinics throughout the country, making the exchange more challenging and interesting.


An optional social program during the exchange will be planned according to the number of exchange participants in each city/area.


To apply please contact your National Exchange Coordinator. The application deadline is April 30th, 2016.

Placements available on a first come first served basis, so hurry up and contact your NEC.


Please find attached an overview of the dates and timeline for the pre-Forum exchange.