Meet the 3rd Forum team: Annette Shany


Social program manager: Annette Shany, MD, Israel


I'm a family medicine specialist for about a year, currently working in Clalit Health Services in Bonen clinic – an urban clinic In Haifa, Israel. I am proud to belong to the Department of Family Medicine in Haifa, affiliated to the Technion – Israel institute of technology. 


Special areas of interest: I am interested in medical education. As a part of my work, I am involved in managing a continued education clinical course for family medicine trainees and specialists. I also work as an instructor for medical students in different stages of their education.


Personal message to the audience: This forum is going to be fun. We are meeting with people from all over the world to talk about multi-cultural issues in the holiest, most cultural, multi religious and most controversial city possible. I can't wait.