Meet the 3rd Forum team: Ronen Brand


HOC chair: Ronen Brand, MD, Israel


I'm a Family Medicine specialist for about a year now, working in several clinics in the Upper Galilee and in Tel-Aviv. I'm a student at the School of Public Health (Epidemiology Division) in Haifa University, doing a master in Public Health. I've been serving as the Israeli VdGM representative and NEC for 4 years now.


Special areas of interest: I'm interested in research in Family Medicine, currently engaged in an ongoing study regarding adherence to treatment of diabetic patients. Learning for a master degree in public health helps me professionalize in this area. I'm also interested in medical education, hoping to bring the two areas together by teaching research and epidemiology in my Family Medicine Department one day.


Personal message to the audience: VdGM has introduced me to a new world of dreams and ideas, creating a new family for me, which I'd be a part of long after my time in VdGM. I'm so honored to be the chair of the 3rd Forum, helping others to join our big family, opening new opportunities to Family Medicine residents and young specialists.