Meet the 3rd Forum team: Tom Axelrod


Image person: Tom Axelrod, MD, MPH, Israel


Family Medicine resident in Clalit Health Care Services and Hadassa-Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Working in two peripheral clinics located 20km from Jerusalem: one is a small rural clinic in Kibbutz Tzora (קיבוץ צרעה) and the second is a large clinic serves the residents of the big city Beit Shemesh (בית שמש) and the nearby communities. Teaching Statistics, Epidemiology, EBM and Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Special areas of interest: Public health, community medicine and health policy; health disparities and equity; overdiagnosis and overtreatment; epidemiological research; medical education and eLearning.


Personal message to the audience: Medicine is an act of love and compassion. Each patient is a reflection of our love. In medicine we are above divisions of gender, race and religion – we are on the side of the weak, of the suffering. I am looking forward for this great opportunity to network with other colleagues, drink some local Israeli beer and exchange experience and ideas.