Forum Organisation & Committees


Having an annual Forum is a dream coming true for the Vasco da Gama Movement. Behind it all stands a group of hard working residents and establishing family physicians who are willing to do selfless efforts in order to provide an invigorating event, both scientifically and socially, at an affordable price.

The members of the Host Organising Committee (HOC) of the 3rd Forum warmly thank everyone who helped in achieving this goal.

As the Forum approaches, the list of HOC members might change and grow, so please expect updates from time to time.


Executive Committee

Dr Yael Gillerman

Dr Jonathan Orrelle

Dr Ronen Bareket

Dr Oz Bleich

Dr Ronen Brand – chair of HOC


Scientific Committee

Dr Yael Gillerman – chair

Dr Rosy Tsopra

Dr Yochai Schonmann

Dr Dalit May

Dr Dan Oieru


Exchange committee

Dr Jonathan Orrelle – chair


Main conference organizing committee

Dr Ronen Bareket – chair

Dr Annette Shany

Dr Lital Goldberg


Image committee

Dr Oz Bleich

Dr Tom Axelrod

Dr Luís de Pinho-Costa



For questions on the scientific program please contact the chair of the scientific committee, Dr Yael Gillerman (

Questions on the registration process should be address to Mr. Moshe Halpert (

For any other general inquiries about the 3rd Forum please send an email to