To and from the Airport


Sherut - shared, licensed taxi at a fixed price

One of the most affordable, convenient and popular ways is to take a "sherut" (shared taxi) that leaves from just outside the Arrivals Hall at Ben-Gurion Airport and will deliver you directly to your destination in Jerusalem. There is also a similar service to Haifa and the north of Israel (Akko and Nahariya). Many taxi drivers wait for the sherut taxi to be full before setting off, so you need to factor that into your journey time.

You can also order one to take you from Jerusalem to the airport, and need to book 24 hours in advance (they will tell you to call back if you try more than 24 hours in advance). However, if your flight is on Saturday night or Sunday, then make sure to book 48 hours in advance.

A single journey should cost you 62 NIS (US$ equivalent accepted). Sheruts run 24/7.

- Read more about it here.

- Tel: +972-2-6257227 (For Ben-Gurion-Jerusalem service)

- Tel: +972-4-8662324 (For Ben-Gurion-Haifa and the North service)




Definitely the fastest and cheapest way to travel to and from Tel-Aviv. It's also a convenient way to travel to many other destinations in the country. The train station can be entered just outside Terminal 3 (Level G Gates 01-03). In case you've landed and reached Terminal 1, you should take the free shuttle bus to take you to Terminal 3.

Trains from Ben-Gurion Airport go to Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa and the north, Be'er-Sheva and the south and many more destinations. Tickets are bought outside the station using automatic ticket machines (credit card accepted).

For routes and time tables: +972-3-5774000 or read the website.



Other routes of transport to and from Ben-Gurion Airport

You can find more info on the airport webpage (under arrival and departure routes to and from Ben-Gurion airport).