Transportation in Jerusalem


Please visit the 3rd VdGM Forum Map to find the points of interest in Jerusalem.


How to get to the venue

  • By taxi: take a taxi to "Ramada Renaisance hotel", Rupin Bridge on Herzl Blvd. "Sherut" taxis from the airport can drop you directly at the venue.
  • By light train (Citypass): drop at He-Halutz or Kiryat Moshe stations – both are close to the venue (kindly check the map below).
  • By train: in case you reached Jerusalem by train, drop at Malha station and take the bus no. 31 to the central bus station and from there you can either walk or take one station ride with the light train (kindly check the map below).

All you need to know about transportation in Jerusalem can be easily found on the following link (external source).


Jerusalem Light train (Citypass) Map