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First of all – safety!

Contrary to what you may hear on the news, Israel is one of the safest places to hang out in. As Israel spends more than half of our budget on security, you'll find the country very quiet and safe to travel during all hours of the day.

Having said that, one should still notice that some points of interest in the Holy City are closed to tourists during specific times, as the police takes precautions in order to keep tourists safe. In addition, traveling to Bethlehem or other sites in the Palestinian Authority is advised only with organized tours (passport needed). Please notice that accommodation and travel in the East part of Jerusalem is not advised at the moment.


Travelling to Israel

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Travelling from/to Ben-Gurion airport

There are taxis, trains and other options to get you to to and from the airport. Read more on this by clicking here.


Travelling around Jerusalem

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Accommodation options in Jerusalem

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Visiting Israel

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