Visiting Israel


The Holy land offers a rich variety of sites to explore.


For the history lovers, it serve as a never-ending story of ancient times. In Jerusalem, you might wonder around the vivid ruins of the biblical City of King David dated 1000 years B.C or walk through the Via Dolorosa (yes, it's the real original street!). In the North of Israel, you can tour "Akko" (Acre), the northern Capital city of the Crusaders Kingdom, easily reached by train. In the south, you can learn about the mythological story of Jewish rebellion against the Romans in Masada (UNESCO world heritage site). Many fascinating historical sites are found around the country – for more info visit the following website.


Cruzaders dining hall in Acre. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism Photo by Gil Yarom.


Sixth station in the Via Dolorosa. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism Photo by Noam Chen. 


Masada: View from the stronghold toward the Dead Sea. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism


For nature lovers, Israel offers a delightful diversity of scenes and hiking routes. Despite being quite small, its location in the meeting point of Europe, Africa and Asia, in the middle of the Syrian-African crack makes it a geographical diamond. From the lowest place on the world and the unique Dead Sea, to the high green mountains of the Galilee, you can enjoy diverse sceneries, climates and attractions.


Floating at the Dead Sea. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism Photo by Itamar Grinberg.


Bike riding at the Negev Arava Region © Israeli Ministry of Tourism


Surfing at Tel-Aviv sea shore. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism Photo by Dana Friedlander.


Urban addicts will also find themselves attracted to the vivid life of Tel-Aviv, Israel biggest city. You may ride in the city with bikes or Segway, shop, enjoy the architecture and try one of the many restaurants and cuisines. Be careful not to get addicted to the Tel-Aviv seashore…


Azrieli Towers in Tel-Aviv. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism


Night Life in Tel-Aviv. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism Photo by Dana Friedlander.


Tel-Aviv sea shore. © Israeli Ministry of Tourism Photo by Dafna Tal.



Must see sites:

  • North:
    • Jordan river – Yardenia Baptismal site
    • Acre – Crusaders' northern kingdom capital city
    • Monfort Castle (western Galilee)
    • Nazareth – Church of annunciation
    • Haifa – Bahai Gardens and Golden shrine
  • Center:
    • Jerusalem:
      • Church of holy sepulchre (link)
      • Western wall and its underground tunnels (link)
      • City of David and underground HaShiloach tunnel (link)
      • Tower of David's museum (link)
      • Via Dolorosa
      • Israel's museum (link)
      • Yad Vashem - Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust (link)
      • Check this out for more comprehensive information.
    •  Tel-Aviv: sea-shore, sea-permonade, Rothschild Blvd.
  •  South:
    • Dead sea – floating on the water
    • Masada – world heritage site, where history and landscape come together
    • Eilat – City in the vicinity of the Red Sea, beautiful coral beach to snorkel and dive in.


Transportation in Israel


Train Israel Railways website or call +972-3-5774000


Busvisit the website  or call +972-72-2588787


Taxi – in order to get a fair price please notice that drivers must operate the meter for trips within the city. Do not let the driver convince you to agree on a price ahead of time if you are not familiar with the rates

Taxis can be booked by telephone, approached at a local taxi station, or stopped by waving your hand. 

Taxis reserved by phone pay an additional 5.2 NIS. 

Luggage: the price of the service includes 1 parcel the size of a carry on. Additional cargo may be charged up to 4.4 NIS per unit.

Number of passengers:  If there are more than 2 passengers, the driver may request an additional 4.90 NIS per passenger unless the additional passengers are under 5 years of age.

Night rates are 25% more than the normal fare. These rates also apply for Sabbath and holidays.

The fares for intercity taxi service are standard fares that are set by the Ministry of Transportation. It is recommended to verify what the fare will be before boarding the taxi.