The 1st International Congress on Controversies to Consensus in Primary and Outpatient Care (COPOC)



All the member's od the The Vasco Da Gama Movement are invited to participate in the The 1st International Congress to Consensus in Primary and Outpatient Care (COPOC) which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel from May 20-22, 2015.
The Congress will gather prominent global experts in general practice and primary health care for engaging discussions, information sharing and experience-based perspectives. The Congress will serve as a dynamic forum; promoting productive clinical debates between primary care physicians, clinical specialists and researchers on the critical issues within the fields of general practice and primary health care.
The Congress prides itself on having the most up-to-date clinical, scientific and academic program, concentrating not only on future therapies and interventions, but also on disease prevention, health promotion and treatment goals.
To view the Congress Scientific Program please visit the website at:

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