2017 Research Awards Finalists

This year, besides the traditional Junior Researcher Award, a new research award was established: the Promising Research Award!


The Junior Researcher Award aims at rewarding advanced research projects of New and Future Family Physicians, while the Promising Research Award aims at rewarding beginner projects of New and Future Family Physicians.



Now the Vasco da Gama Movement is delighted to announce that:


  • the three finalists in the 2017 Junior Research Award are Canan Tuz (Turkey) (on the left),  Eugene Tang (United Kingdom) (middle) and Mark Murphy (Ireland) (on the right).


  • the three finalists in the 2017 Promising Research Award are Luís Monteiro (Portugal) (on the left), Meryem Baştürk (Turkey) (middle) and Patrick O'Donnell (Ireland) (on the right).



We also wish to congratulate all the other researchers who submitted their work. As we have come to expect, the overall standard of research ​was extremely high.


Thus, the Vasco da Gama Movement would like to thank the jury for the challenging task of selecting the finalists. The members of the jury were:

Katarzyna Nessler,

Gabriella Pesolillo,

Ana Luísa Neves, VdGM / EGPRN Liaison

Rosy Tsopra, VdGM Research Liaison



Our six finalists will present their research at WONCA Europe Conference in Prague later this year, where winners will be awarded with their prizes.

Later this year we'll provide you the detailed information on the time/place of this VdGM session on research.


For the time being, we wish the six finalists all the very best of luck for their presentations, and we hope to see lots of Vasco da Gamians in the audience to support their colleagues and hear about some really high quality research from New and Future Family Physicians.


Please visit the Hall of Fame to get to know the finalists from all past editions of the Research Awards.



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