2017 VdGM|JADE|DEGAM Conference Exchange in Düsseldorf



Dear Vasco da Gamians,


We are very happy to announce the 2nd German Preconference Exchange from September 18th to 23th 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We offer 7 placements.


The Preconference exchange includes:

  1. Shadowing a family doctor in a primary care practice in Düsseldorf or surrounding villages/cities, from September 18th-19th.
  2. An international half-day workshop at the congress location in Düsseldorf on September 20th. (Participants of the exchange will report their experiences, present their health care system and learn some more details about German primary care. All together, we will explore differences and similarities of primary health care systems in Europe.)
  3. Social program in Düsseldorf in the afternoon/evening of September 20th. (We plan to organise a city tour and a come-together with other German trainees.)
  4. Attending the annual meeting of the German Young Primary Care Doctors Movement (JADE) in the morning of September 21th.
  5. Invitation to attend the 51th national congress of the German College for General Practitioners and Family Medicine (DEGAM), from September 21th (afternoon) to September 23rd. All participants in the Preconference exchange will have a free ticket to attend the conference.

It is required that Exchange participants attend both the host practice activities and the Conference activities. We expect them to actively participate in the workshop and to do a short presentation, 10 to 15 minutes long, about their home primary care system, for their international colleagues.


Please note the doctor-patient communication in the host practices will be in German and that German is also the official language of the DEGAM’s conference - only key note lectures are in English. Thus, moderate to advanced German language skills would be helpful for you to attend the exchange and the conference. Although we currently cannot provide a translator, we will provide buddies which will answer you any questions you have during the conference!


Please also note that accommodation and travel expenses must be paid by the participants. As for accommodation, we will organise either an accommodation with the host, a shared flat or hostel room during your stay; payment of the accommodation is also to be made by the participants.


We ask interested people to submit their application to their National Exchange Coordinator until June 8th. Placement confirmation will be given one week later. Please include your CV, stating language proficiency, in your application. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Germany!!!


Kind regards,

Solveig Carmienke, National Exchange Coordinator, Member of the Working Group International Affairs of the (JADE)

Christian Rechtenwald, German Delegate for VdGM European Council, Speaker of the Working Group International Affairs of JADE

Hannah Haumann , Contact person of JADE to  German College of General Practitioners (DEGAM)

Anna Klimiuk, Member of the Working Group International Affairs of the JADE



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