2021 Junior Researcher Award Runner-up: 1. Aviel Nagar

Awarded project: „The UTI Diagnostic Tool Study”
My name is Aviel Nagar, I’m 32 years old, married+1 and I’m a resident at the family
medicine department of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) since 06/20. I’ve graduated
medical school at the Technion and graduated my internship at Hillel Yaffe medical center
at 2016 with honors. I’ve been practice medicine since 2017, first as a general practitioner
at an IDF naval base for three years where I accompanied soldiers in their most intense period, from their recruitment till the end of their training and also gave operational
coverage and
telemedicine to soldiers offshore. After this significant time at the navy, I started my
residency. I chose family physician because I couldn’t give up the personal relationship
with the patients and couldn’t give up the diversity of this amazing occupation.
„The UTI Diagnostic Tool Study”
UTI (Urinary tract infection) is the most common disease is the primary clinic and its
prevalence increases with age (with the exception of a spike among 14-24 years old).
According to current guidelines, the diagnosis is clinical but most of the classic studies
describing dysuria, frequency and urgency as high value predictors of UTI are from the
60s80s and recent studies rase questions about their predictive value due to the rise in
STI (Sexuall transmitted infections) rates and the elusive diagnosis of interstitial cystitis.
misdiagnosis of UTI results in unnecessary use of antibiotics and in some cased untreated
STI. My goal is to stratify clinic and laboratory data from which we extract a simple tool
(such as centor score) with high sensitivity and high positive predictive value that will guide
us to whom we need to send a urine culture and who is appropriate to empiric treatment.
In order to achieve this goal, every healthy, non-pregnant women with genitourinary
complaint will be asked to participate in the study and fill in a detailed questionnaire, give
urine sample for dipstick, urinalysis, urine culture and PCR STD and we will also extract
date from her physical examination findings at the doctor's office. The importance of using
antibiotics when required only and open the differential diagnosis to other pathogens and
diseases is highly important for reducing antibiotic resistance, STI prevalence and pelvic
complication in the population which increase in number.