2022 BYSY Award Raquel Gomez Bravo

Raquel Gomez Bravo

„Raquel is an incredible example of creativity, leadership and humility, she is a true young spirit
who has decided to be vascodagamian forever regardless of position, country of residence, family
situation or age. The teaching of true democracy, transparency, and pristine honesty is the moral
inheritance that Raquel has left me and all my colleagues and fellow vascodagamians who have
had the privilege and pleasure of working with her, where today she continues joining force and
the wisdom of the senior doctors with the talent, freshness and fire of the young family doctors.

As a “VascodaGamian”, Raquel has always taken an active role: she represented

Spain and SemFYC, she was a member of the VdGM Executive, she also coordinated

the VdGM Group BEYOND EUROPE and was the VdGM Liaison for the WONCA

Working Party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM), just to name a few.

Raquel was the Chair of the Host Organising Committee of the 1st VdGM Forum in

Barcelona 2014, starting a new model of event that is very dear to all VdGM family.

Her dedication to the Vasco da Gama Movement has remained unbreakable beyond

the time defined as “young doctor”. She stays young and more remarkable, she stays

alongside with the younger doctors.

She keeps a close collaboration and strong support to VdGM Family Violence SIG,

utilising past experience and current work with WONCA FV SIG. She always accepts

all challenges we suggest to her, being an active member in current VdGM projects

(like VdGM Bridge Project), and mentoring and supporting various VdGM members,

with active and positive encouragement. She has been a speaker in VdGM events, like

the 6th VdGM Forum in Torino.”

Marta Kurdzielewicz | Awards&Fundraising Officer