2022 Forum Bursary Recipient: Maria János Szidónia (Romania)

I am deeply impressed and truly grateful for being chosen as one of the VdGM bursary recipients
for Forum in Edinburgh. It seems so unbelievable - even if quite a few days have already passed
since the event - that despite of the uncertainty of pandemic times I had the opportunity to attend
the VdGM Forum in Edinburgh 2022.
As one of the greatest highlights of the Forum besides of its high standard and challenging
scientific content I would mention the cultural diversity of its delegates, it really brought me
back to times when I was being an exchange student in Germany. And now, several years after
with full strength and inspiration as a GP in my first 5 years of practice I could meet new
colleagues, socialize and dream about collaboration and working on some exciting projects such
as our study based on the workshop called “Everyone talks competencies - but what does that
actually mean for our training?” held by two great colleagues in Edinburgh, which results we
aim to present at WONCA Europe 2022 in London. Obviously, this very first time of attending a
VdGM event offers me a lot of opportunity and motivation not only to be a good physician in my
own country but also to build a functional and effective network of collaboration with young
family doctors across the continent. Furthermore, keynotes as reactive vs. preventive medicine,
relational vs. transactional GP, planetary health-psychological and physiological benefits of
green spaces have been just a few of the boundary pushing topics of the conference.
At last but not at least I would like to thank you for your hospitality and very warm welcome to
Forum in Edinburgh. Social programmes such as Friday’s welcome reception at the Royal
College of Surgeons, where I also had the opportunity to visit the Surgeons’ Hall Pathology
Museum’s fascinating exhibition or Saturday’s Gala Dinner with scottish ceilidh dancing, where
I had the honor to dance with Prof. Amanda Howe are well worth mentioning. And Scotland’s
romantic beauty - which I was able to discover during a day tour into the Highlands, where
meeting up Nessi, the Loch Ness Monster and Hamish, the Hairy Coo - has burned unforgettable
memories into my heart.

Kind regards,
Dr Szidonia Janos
Cluj-Napoca, Romania