2022 Forum Bursary Recipient: Mariya Armova (Bulgaria)

My VdGM Experience

On 28th and 29th of January I attended the 7th VdGM Forum in Edinburgh. This was actually my first VdGM Forum so it was quite understandable why I felt a little nervous. From the moment I registered all the feelings were completely different - I met a couple of colleagues, we started talking and before I knew it - I was more than excited. The program was full of different sessions, plenary talks and a lot of possibilities to communicate with the other VdGM members.
The workshops were on various topics, so everyone could participate according to their interests. The ones I took part in - Domestic Violence and the invisible shadow pandemic during Covid-19, The telephone - friend or foe?, Abortion in primary care and couple of others were perfectly prepared, innovative, interactive and really useful for my future in primary care. The opportunity to create small groups and discuss all the above mentioned topics was a great way to learn about all the other countries and for me to tell the other VdGMs about the situation in Bulgaria.
The plenary talks with Prof. Shlomo Vinker, Steve Mowle, Dr. Roger Neighbour, Dr. Raquel Gomes Bravo, Prof. Graham Watt and Prof. Amanda Howe were more than exciting. It was a great honour to listen to them.
Understandably, a great part of this year’s Forum was the Covid-19 pandemic. We had the opportunity to hear the expert opinion and learn from Dr. Roger Neighbour, who taught us how to deal with telephone consultations properly. I believe that is one of the topics, which concerns all of us worldwide and is quite significant in the current situation.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you, who made the 7th Forum not only possible, but also in person. I went back home with wonderful memories, motivation to continue working in these difficult times and a little smarter than I was before :). These two days have been absolutely amazing, not only because of the scientific program, but also because it was a great experience seeing you all for a first time (not from the couch with my camera on). I can honestly say that I’m proud of being able to participate in the 7th VdGM Forum and be part of the VdGM Family.