Abstract Submissions to WONCA Europe 2016 Young Doctor's Thread

VdGM has been given a very special opportunity that we need your help with.


WONCA Copenhagen will take place in June 2016. There will be a "Young Doctor's Thread" running throughout the 2 1/2 days of the Programme, and VdGM has been asked to coordinate this. All abstracts submitted under VdGM (and by other young doctor's) will appear highlighted in the Programme as part of this "Young Doctor's Thread".


The title of the Conference is "Family Doctors with Heads and Hearts". Each morning and afternoon there will be a keynote address which discusses one of 5 key topics / themes:

·         The ageing Europe

·         Making healthcare affordable

·         The future consultation

·         Diagnosing - a vital task for family medicine

·         Inequality in health and specific patient groups


VdGM is seeking lots of members to arrange sessions under each of these 5 key topics / themes. The topic / theme can be anything as long as it can be connected to one of these 5 topics / themes. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a submission accepted! We want lots of new people making submissions under VdGM. These sessions should take the form of symposiums or workshops. In the programme these will also be highlighted as part of the "Young Doctor's Thread". As an example, when we are submitting the VdGM research workshop, we will select one of the 5 topics / themes under which to title the workshop. It will then be placed in the programme under this topic / theme and as part of the "Young Doctor's Thread".


In order to help arrange this, we ask people to:

  1. Submit symposiums / workshops (based on one of the 5 themes / topics)
  2. Make these submissions under VdGM - when submitting, under "Please select your preferred Presentation Type" select the option of "WONCA Network / Special Interest Group" - this will provide preferential assessment of submissions - however, VdGM needs to inform the scientific committee of all such submissions 
  3. Therefore, please let us know that you have made a submission, along with a copy, so VdGM can coordinate all submissions which come under the "Young Doctor's Thread" for the organisers - email details to info@vdgm.eu.

Please ​make submissions before 8th January and let us know what has been submitted. This will allow us to coordinate communication with the organising committee. Submissions under VdGM will be given priority. ​


For further information / with queries, please contact us at info@vdgm.eu marking the subject as WONCA Copenhagen Submission.


To give some idea of what submissions might be made under the VdGM banner, the original proposal of the VdGM Executive was to make the following submissions:

  • A VdGM General Meeting
  • A VdGM Hippokrates / FM360 Global Exchange Symposium / Workshop incorporating the Hippokrates and Carosino Prizes
  • VdGM / EGPRN Research Workshop incorporating the Junior Research Award
  • VdGM / EURACT Workshop
  • VdGM / EQuiP Workshop
  • A VdGM Social Media Symposium / Workshop, e.g. social media in primary care, the Skype Consultation, Whatsapp for quick consultations / problem solving
  • Other abstracts / workshops we would like to consider submitting (in co-operation with the senior SIGs) would include:
    • Family violence
    • Gender equity
    • Mental health
    • Rural practice (with EURIPA and WWPRP)
    • #FMChangemakers

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing a very robust "Young Doctor's Thread" in Copenhagen.



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