Call for applications: Junior Researcher Award 2020

Are you an aspiring researcher? Do you wish to represent your country with your research work? Do you look forward to joining our Research Champions?

We have 2000€ in prizes for the top three research projects submitted to the Junior Researcher Award 2020. The three finalists will present their research work in the VdGM research workshop at WONCA Europe Conference 2020 (Berlin) - where the grand winner will be selected / announced.


You can find the application form and detailed instructions in the attached document. Candidates should send the application/ required documents to their National Representative on the VdGM Council, before the deadline established nationally.

The highest rating application from each country can be submitted by the National Representatives to the VdGM Awards Officer until April 6th 2020. A jury will then assess the applications for each of the National Research Champions and select the three finalists - who shall be announced on May 10th.



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