Conference Exchange - First Turkish Exchange, Adana, 18-24 May 2015

We invite you to read the very exciting announcement from our Turkish colleagues! 


Dear VdGM members


It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in 14th Eastern Mediterranean Family Medicine Symposium  “Creating the future of family medicine together”. Symposium will be held in Adana, Hilton Hotel from 22.05.2015 to 24.05.2015. The symposium will be held in Turkish and English. Presentations will be in English at the international hall. You can visit our website for all details.


Before the symposium from 18th of May on Monday to 21st of May on Thursday we are also organizing “The First Turkish Mini Exchange Programme“ organized in collaboration with VdGM offering “5 places for  European visitors“ who will enjoy a rotation week in a primary care center in Adana.



•    The visitors are expected to arrive  on Sunday 17th of May. 
•    The participants will visit a primary care center on 18-21th of May in the mornings, will participate in different social activities in the afternoons including an old town tour through the amazing city of Adana.
•    In addition there will be one day visit to one of the following practices due to participants wish: rural primary care center, community primary care  center, private hospital family medicine clinic or a school health clinic where GP’s are working
•    Finally they will be able to assist to the symposium on Friday, where the candidates will run a workshop sharing their experiences about the GP training program and national primary care model in their own countries.
•    Organizing commitee will arrange symposium fees.
•    Participants will be hosted by Turkish GPs/trainees during their stay between 17-24th  of  May
•    Participants should cover their own travel expenses to and from Turkey.



Criteria for selection:
-    To be a GP trainee / GP within 5 years of qualification 
-    First come- first served rule.


Please sent your application form to your National Exchange Coordinator.
You can find the national exchange coordinators list at



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