Conference Exchange - LOVAH Congress Exchange, The Netherlands

The LOVAH-congres takes place on Friday January the 23rd 2014. Accompanying the congress the WES team in the Netherlands prepared an exciting exchange program from the 20th to 22nd January. For three days you'll get the opportunity to get familiar with the Dutch primary care system. To help you out with all the new impressions, a "buddy" GP-trainee will guide you through the program. It contains a visit in a dutch gp-practice, a day of lectures by interesting speakers including a cultural program in the afternoon and of course the congres on the final day.
Next to the program the Dutch team offers international participants the overnight stays, transportation and dinner at the pre-event (all included). So actually all that you need is a ticket for your flight and a curiosity for beautiful Holland.


The deadline is 1st of December 2014! Selection is on a first come, first serve basis, but WES will try to make the group as diverse as possible. Similar to the Irish pre-Forum exchange, candidates who never participated in an exchange before are preffered. Please contact your VdGM National Exchange Coordinator for details on how to apply !


20 jan: arrival, overnight stay arranged by buddy.
21 jan: day at the GP-practice and overnight stay arranged by buddy
22 jan: in the morning lectures, inthe afternoon cultural program and pre-event dinner/party, overnight stay at hotel arranged by WES.
23 jan: LOVAH-congres "Go viral!", congres party, overnight stay at hotel arranged by WES.
24 jan: Day of departure


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