Conference Exchange - Regional Congress of GP trainees of Madrid

In March 2014 SoMaMFyC (Sociedad Madrileña de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria) organizes in Madrid the Regional Congress of GP trainees entitled “Medicine in times of crisis” which will take place the 21st of March.

We would love to invite 15 - 20 European GP trainees or Junior GPs to participate in our Conference Exchange program from 16th till 22nd of March.

The participants of the exchange will visit a Spanish GP practice during four days in the mornings, will participate in different activities at the afternoons including a tourist guide through the amazing city of Madrid and finally, they will be able to assist to the Regional Congress on Friday, where the candidates will run a workshop sharing their experiences about the GP training program in their own countries and comparing the differences between them.
In addition, if any of the participants are interested in how GPs are working in Rural Health Care Centers, Out Of Hours Services or Emergencies Departments, we will organize one day to visit them. 
The Congress will be held in the University Rey Juan Carlos.
The visitors are expected to arrive on Sunday 16th and will spend 6-7 nights, until Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd of March, hosted by a Spanish GP trainees or Junior GPs. SoMaMFyC will arrange the accommodation and conference fees but travel costs will be cover by the visitors.
The deadline for submitting your selected candidates is 20th of February 2014.
To apply for the exchange you need to contact your country's National Exchange Coordinator.
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