Conference Exchange - VdGM Preconference Exchange, 17-20th October 2015, Turkey

Our Turkish colleagues organised a fantastic Preconference Exchange Programme! Their message is below:


Dear VdGMians

It is time to announce VdGM Preconference Exchange Programme which will be held between 17-20th of October 2015 just before The VdGM Preconference and WONCA Europe Conference in Turkey.


Exchange programme includes:

-Accommodation of the participants in GP or trainee homes for three days between 17-19th of October in different cities of Turkey (Hatay, Denizli, İzmir, İstanbul)
-Social and cultural programmes in host cities
-Family Health Care Centre visits in host cities
-Meeting of all participants with HOC in Istanbul in the morning on 20th October, a Hospital Family Medicine Clinic visit and presentations of all participating countries about their health care systems. 


*On the 20th October evening there will be an optional gala dinner for exchange participants, HOC and European Council.


*Transportation of all participants from host cities to Istanbul is not included. 
(It is recommended to arrive 20th Oct 2015 morning to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Pegasus and Turkish airlines has very affordable prices 15-20 Euro for 20th Oct morning flights to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport from all host cities)


*Accommodation on 20th October and during VdGM Preconference and WONCA Europe Conference is not included.

We have at least one place for each participating country!


*Candidates should apply to their own National Exchange Coordinators(NECs).
(NEC’s contact information can be found from the link   


*To be registered to VdGM Preconference and/or WONCA Europe Conference and not to be attended an VdGM exchange before will be the most important criteria to be choosen. 
(Candidates should sent their VdGM Preconference and/or WONCA Europe Conference registeration confirmation to their NEC's)


*Name/names of selected candidates for each country should be sent to Turkish Exchange Team by National Exchange Coordinators until 26th July 2015.  


*Participants list will be announced in August and participants will be matched with Turkish GP trainee/GP hosts in four host cities. (Hatay, Denizli, İzmir, İstanbul) 


Best Regards
VdGM Exchange Team for Turkey

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