Engage in VdGM - Policy Officer or Committees

We will be holding a number of important elections during the next Council meeting on June 27th.

We will be electing a Policy Officer for the Executive, and we will also be electing a new Good Governance Committee and Finance Committee.

Details about all of these roles and the application process can be found in the attached documents.

If you want to know more about the role of Policy Officer, our current officer Julien Artigny will an open Zoom session where you can ask questions at 8pm CEST on 5th May. Join the Zoom Session

The deadline for applying for any of these roles is midnight on 28th May 2021.

Applications to be sent to our Secretary Kerry Greenan

The required documents for election are as follows:
○ Curriculum Vitae
○ Motivational Letter
○ Proof of membership of their NMO
○ Proof of young doctor status
○ An essential letter of recommendation from their National Delegate if the
candidate is not themselves a National Delegate, or from their NEC if the
candidate is a National Delegate themselves and their country has a NEC.
○ Up to three desirable letters of recommendation:
■ From their NMO
■ A maximum of two letters from other VdGM members

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