Extended: BYSY Award 21

The Being Young Staying Young Award is the opportunity to appreciate senior General Practitioners who advocated and contributed to the Vasco da Gama Movement.

Young family doctors give this award to those who are no longer young (by VdGM definition) but still have the youthful mindset and left a positive mark on the Vasco da Gama Movements. Let's show our older colleagues that we appreciate their support.

Each of you, as well as any other VdGM member can nominate a candidate for BYSY Award.

The timeline looks as follows:

  • - Extended:: Applications for BYSY Award are open until the 8th of December
  • - On the 10th of December Jurors will receive anonymised applications for scoring (rating grid included) and will be asked to submit their scores by the 15th of December
  • - The winner will be announced during the VdGM Forum in Edinburgh

Kind regards,

Marta Kurdzielewicz | Awards&Fundraising officer

Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) European Young Doctors Movement of The World Family Doctors Organisation (WONCA)

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