EXTENDED Call for applications: VdGM Executive


There are still two vacant positions (Exchange Officer and Image Officer) and a decision was made to extend the deadline for these roles until next Friday 21 August 2020.


Elections for the vacant posts on the Executive will take place at an Extraordinary Council Meeting held online on Sunday 13 September 2020.



The required documents from the applicants for election are: 

o  Curriculum Vitae

o  Motivational Letter

o  Proof of membership of their NMO 

o  Proof of young doctor status

o  An essential letter of recommendation from their National Delegate if the candidate is not themselves a National Delegate, or from their NEC if the candidate is a National Delegate themselves and their country has a NEC. 

o  Up to three desirable letters of recommendation:

-      From their NMO

- A maximum of two letters from other VdGM members


The documents must be sent to the Secretary (secretary@vdgm.eu) by Friday 21 August 2020. Documents submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. In case of insufficient documents, the candidate will be ineligible to stand for election.

Members of the VdGM Executive Group, except for the President, are allowed to offer letters of recommendation to formally support candidates.


The candidates must be present during the online meeting where the election takes place in order to be eligible. They must withdraw their candidacy if they will be unable to join the online meeting. Candidates will have two options for giving their presentation to council:

(1) Give their presentation live and in real time during the online council meeting

(2) Pre-record their presentation and stream it during the online council meeting

Fifteen minutes will be given for Q&A.


The upcoming VdGM Executive Group members will be elected by ballot during the aforementioned online meeting.


Please kindly find the VdGM Elections Organisational Policy, the VdGM pandemic amendment to elections policy and role descriptions attached.

Informal enquiries are welcome and should be made to secretary@vdgm.eu

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