Family Medicine 360°

The Family Medicine 360° Program is a global exchange program for medical doctors training in Family Medicine/General Practice and junior Family Doctors/General Practitioners (within five years of completing residency training). It enables participants to spend up to 4 weeks visiting the Primary Health Care System of a different country, all over the world.


The Family Medicine 360° Program was formally launched in 2013 during the 20th WONCA World Conference in Prague. Its aim is to promote intercultural exchanges, so as to give doctors an opportunity to learn from each other in different cultural and socio-economic contexts. Aside from being an opportunity to broaden one’s professional and personal horizons, these exchanges provide the possibility to interact with different primary care settings and health care systems in general.


The exchange program is based on and developed by young doctor's movements worldwide and supported by WONCA World.


In order to provide a standardized educational experience, the Family Medicine 360° Program is built on a special framework based on learning objectives and outcomes. At the end, participants are invited to reflect on their experience, before and after the exchange, and to write a final report.


The exchange program is financially self-supported by participants, who are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. However, Hosts are very welcomed to assist participants in providing options for accommodation.


Being a newborn exchange program, we aim to grow and we are always looking for new collaborations and Hosts.


In case you're interested in making a Family Medicine 360º exchange, please contact your National Exchange Coordinator. They will give you the necessary templates and can provide assistance in completing them.


For further information, please have a look at the FM360 webpage.




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