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WONCA Europe announces a call for nominations for the Montegut Global Scholars Program 2021
(MGSP). The MGSP will provide a 2.500 USD fund for family physicians to attend the virtual
WONCA Europe 2021 Conference, 6 – 10 July.

Ten family physicians from the WONCA Europe Member Organistaions can be selected to
receive a 200 EUR scholarship to participate in the virtual WONCA Europe 2021 Conference, 6 –
10 July 2021 (

Applicants should read the full text of the MGSP available enclosed and use the attached
Application Form.

The jury of the WONCA Europe 2021 Montegut Scholar consists of:

• Josep Vilaseca, WONCA Europe Hon. Treasurer (Chair)
• Eva Hummers, WONCA Europe Hon. Secretary
• Nele Michels, EURACT
• Zalika Klemenc Ketis, EQUIP
• Thomas Frese, EGPRN

Applications must be received by 31 st March 2021 at the WONCA Europe Secretariat, Barbara
Toplek: You will receive an email of acknowledgment once your
application has been received.
Applicants will be advised of the outcome by 3 rd May 2021. For further information on MGSP
please contact:

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