Helping women family doctors from developing countries to get to WONCA-Rio

Dear VdGM members,

We share with all of you the appeal from the WWPWFM: help women family doctors from developing countries to get Wonca-Rio!




"This is a direct appeal to you, as a member of the WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM) to support the travel of women family doctors from developing countries to attend the triennial meeting of WONCA in RIo in late October/November, 2016.


Here is the rationale for why this is important: 

As you know, WONCA, is having our triennial meeting November 2-6, 2016, in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  The  WWPWFM has played an important part in previous triennial meetings, and we hope to do so again in Rio.  Because of the difficulties in bringing our members together for global meetings the WWPWFM tries to take advantage of the triennial meeting to hold a 1.5 day preconference before the main conference. During that time we try to gather as many women as possible to network, outline plans for the next 2 years, elect officers, and strategize about key issues facing our members in their home countries and regions, and facing our group within WONCA.   As you might suspect, discrepancy in wages, status, and promotion of men compared to women in medicine is worse in most developing countries than in North America.  Our colleagues really need our support in gaining skills and confidence to become the leaders in family medicine in their home country and to be the role models for the up and coming women trainees who will follow them.  Prior to the pre-conference, there will be WONCA regional meetings on Oct 28 and the WONCA World Council meetings from Oct. 29-Nov. 1, midday.    Two WWPWFM members will attend the Regional meetings and two will attend the Council meetings: Chair of the Working Party and an observer for our group.  Both of these individuals will need assistance to attend these meetings in Rio.

 Unfortunately Brazil is a challenging  meeting place because it requires residents of many countries to get a travel visa prior to arriving, and a return ticket is required to obtain a visa.  This means that our members can’t plan to attend and get visas lined up without the funds to buy their tickets first. So before our members can consider attending, we need to raise the money to enable our women leaders from developing countries to make the commitment to go to Rio.


 It would be wonderful if you could put some monetary aid toward this program.  You can make your tax-deductible (in the USA, but unfortunately not in other countries) donation through the gracious help of the AAFP Foundation who will facilitate the donations getting to WONCA.  Details of how to donate online are below. 



Donation Information:

Go to:

Under the section Designate Your gift, please select "Global Health Initiatives" (almost at the bottom).   

Then enter a donation amount.

Then in the section to leave a comment, put "WONCA Women’s Travel Scholarship."

You will be walked through the rest of the donation either by electronic check or by credit card.


Thank you in advance for supporting this important force for change in family medicine around the world.


Best wishes,

Lucy Candib

University of Massachusetts, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health "


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