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The Holy-land offers you a great opportunity to combine a learning experience with a life time visit to its fascinating sites. Holy Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth - are just part of what you can explore during your stay.

Cultural divergence is one of the characteristics of the Israeli society. Jews from all kinds of descendants , new immigrants from Russia and from Ethiopia, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Duruz - all live together and make a fascinating multicultural puzzle. This makes Israeli GPs' work interesting and challenging.

So... "SHALOM" (hello in Hebrew) and welcome!


Healthcare system


Israeli national health system provides a comprehensive health care for every Israeli citizen in need. Funded by a compulsatory national health insurance tax (since 1995), the system offers every citizen a choice between four health maintenance organizations (HMOs), which in turn are responsible for all his medical needs. Every HMO has its own array of GPs and specialists and works in collaboration with the governmental hospitals spread throughout the country.

GPs in Israel play a major role in health care, treating and caring for 600-1200 patients each, accompanying them from birth and throughout life. Children are mostly treated by Pediatricians, but in rural areas GPs still have a central part in their care.


Organizations of GPs


Medical education

GP training program in Israel:

GP training program in Israel has just been revised, and now contains:

2 years and 3 months of GP clinics, 10 months of internal medicine, 5 months of Pediatrics, 2 months of ER and 4 months of elective departments.

In all 13 family medicine departments in Israel, Wednesdays are dedicated to lectures and workshops as a part of compulsatory diploma course. It is a unique day for all residents, in which they meet their colleagues and have a learning experience together, learning from the best of Israel GPs.


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