Join the Women Working Party, in Wonca World - Rio de Janeiro

Dear VdGM members, we would like to invite you to join and support the Wonca Working Party for Woman and Family Medicine. We leave here the message from the Dr. Zorayda E. Leopando, Chair of the WWPWWFFM.



"Dear Wonderful Women of Wonca

Greetings from the Wonca Working Party for Women and Family Medicine.

The 21st Wonca World Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro from November 2-6, 2016. It has been the tradition since 2004 that the WWPWWFM holds a pre-conference activity before each Wonca World Conference.  These pre conferences have an exciting opportunity for members to meet and plan activities for the next two years, and to make new friendships and to learn from each other.  The meetings are a mixture of business activities, including election of the new Executive and Chair elect, and discussion and workshops on important issues for gender equity and women family doctors.  

There is NO additional charge for the preconference, but I will be seeking numbers closer to the date for catering purposes.

There is also a “Women’s Track” of WP workshops during the main Wonca World conference.


The conference in Rio is doubly significant for 2 reasons:

1.      Professor  Amanda Howe,  former chair of the WPWWFM, will be inducted as the first woman president of Wonca

2.      Our very own  Dr. Anne Deborah Atai Omuroto , 2016 Wonca Global Five Star Doctor shall be posthumously  and  formally  given the award.  We will be honoring Atai’s contribution to gender equity,  family medicine,  and  poverty alleviation during our preconference, as well as at the award ceremony.

In this regard, the WWPWFM is inviting  all members of the list serve to the following activities,



November 1  ( from 1300)

November 2,  whole day,

WWPWFM preconference activity. 

During the 1 and ½ day ,you shall be updated about  what the WP has accomplished during its first 12 years ; review, revise, affirm plan  for sustainable advocacy and  gender equity through strong regions;  workshop on developing gender lens ;  orientation on Gender Equity  Standards (GES)  for scientific  conferences;  select chair elect for WWPWFM

World Conference

November 3-6, 2016

WWPWFM “Women’s track”  -6 scientific Sessions 

                Innovations on Education with  Workshop  focusing  on   Women  and Universal Health Care 

·         “How to Incorporate the Gender Equity Standards (GES) into WONCA international and regional conferences?”

·         “Professional resilience of female family doctors during lifecycle transition events

·         Women Led Wellness  for families

·         Resilience of women family physicians in difficult situations

·         Best practices on Gender Equity and Leadership


There will also be workshops organized by the Special Interest Group on Family Violence, which a number of our members are also active in.

We hope you can join us in Rio for the WWPWFM preconference and WWPFM sessions.


Sincerely yours

Zorayda E. Leopando


Professor of Family and Community Medicine

University of the Philippines Manila "



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