Junior Research Award 2019

Dear VdGM members,


We are happy to announce that one winner for “Junior Researcher Award” will be selected  in WONCA Europe Conference 2019 to be held in Bratislava.

The Vasco da Gama Movement wants to encourage New and Future General Practitioners/Family Physicians (GP/FM) to develop their research skills to improve health care in primary care.

For this reason, the Vasco da Gama Movement presents an annual Junior Research Award with the aim of rewarding advanced projects of GP/FM trainees or junior GP/FM physicians with up to 5 years working experience after graduation.

Applicants are asked to describe in detail a research project and finalists will have to present it during a VdGM workshop at the 2019 WONCA Europe Conference.


Who can apply? 


  • The researcher must be either a GP/FM trainee or a Junior GP/FM up to 5 years after graduation from vocational training.
  • Project must be  an advanced research project.
  • The research project must have an impact on the field of primary care.

For more detailed application process description - please see the attached document below. 


Deadline for the proposal of the national candidate to the VdGM Awards Officer - 12th May 2019

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