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Kfar-Yona and Kalanswa clinics


About the Clinics:

Kalanswa is just 40 minutes from Tel-Aviv and 20 minutes from the city Netanya. The two clinics (Kalanswa and Kfar Yona) are just 10 minutes away from each other. An exchange in those clinics is quite unique since you get exposed to two completely different cultures, being so near physically yet so different in any other way. 

about the host:


Host: Dr. Ouda Alhin (oalhin@leumit.co.il)

Dr. Alhin lives in Kalanswa, which is a Muslim Arab village, and works in his own village and also in the next Jewish village of Kfar-Yona. Dr. Alhin speaks Hebrew, Arabic, English and Romanian fluently. He is engaged in research and teaches residents and students, and also interested in smoking cessation counseling.

Open for applications: 
Sunday, 21 April, 2013
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Kfar-Yona and Kalanswa
Kfar-Yona and Kalanswa clinics
Kfar-Yona and Kalanswa