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Kibbutz Dalya clinic

About the clinic:  It is a typical Kibbutz clinic, in which you can find all Kibbutz members from birth till end of life. It is considered rural despite being only 50 km from Haifa (third largest city of Israel), 89 km from Tel Aviv and only 37 km from the nearest hospital in the city Hadera. Kibbutz Dalya is dipped in green, lying in the Carmel Mt. region. The clinic also service the Kibbutz's nursing home for the old.

about the host:

Host: Dr. Negev Bar ( negevba@clalit.org.il)

Dr. Negev is a family physician, living inside the community he treats. He feels responsible for the health and wellbeing of all Kibbutz members, day and night. Dr. Negev is a teacher in the diploma course of the family medicine department in Haifa, and in charge of the course for clinical skills. He has skills is dry needling and small surgical procedures. He runs the clinics in both Kibbutz Dalya and Kibbutz Ein-Shemer.

Open for applications: 
Sunday, 21 April, 2013
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Kibbutz Dalya
Kibbutz Dalya clinic
Kibbutz Dalya