Liaison to European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice (EUROPREV)

Liaison Person: Emmily Schaubroeck (Germany) - passionate about 'Equity in Health' through a 'Think global, act local’ strategy, Emily also likes to get to know the world by hiking, carrying all what she actually needs on her back.


Description: EUROPREV is the WONCA Europe Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice. It aims to promote evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion in Family Medicine in Europe. Family Medicine is a complex discipline, and in the prevention field, there are often difficult decisions to be made with our patients. To screen or not to screen. To advise a behaviour change or not to advise. To prescribe a preventive drug or not to prescribe. The EUROPREV network is a space of debate for those who want to see beyond the smog and to discover what the best available scientific evidence shows us.


If you are a young family doctor (in the first five years after qualification as a family physician) and you have a special interest on evidence-based prevention and health promotion, feel free to join the VdGM-EUROPREV collaboration. You may ask your national association/college to write you a letter of appointment as your country's junior delegate in the EUROPREV Council and, thus, attend the yearly EUROPREV Forum for free. 


For any questions about this collaboration, please send an email to the email below.