LOVAH Exchange 2013

Are you a European GP trainee? Do you want to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?
Then come to the Lovah-exchange in June 2013 in The Netherlands!
- 5TH till the 7th of June 2013
- 30 European GP trainees, together with 30 Dutch buddy GP trainees
- Including 2 nights at your buddies home and 2 nights in a hotel
- 1 day in Dutch GP practice, 1 education day, 1 conference day (English program)
- Conference subject: ‘Get Out of Your Comfort Zone’
- Conference location: Noordwijkerhout, 1,5 hour from Amsterdam
- Compensation for journey to the Netherlands and back (max €200)
- Arrival the 4th of June in the evening, return on the 8th of June in the morning
- Organised by the WES, the international committee of LOVAH, in collaboration with the Vasco da Gama of The Netherlands
- Application before the 15th of March 2013 at your local Vasco da Gama contact
- First come, first served principle
For more information ask your local Vasco da Gama Movement National Representative.
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