A message from departing VdGM president Dr. Claire Marie Thomas

Dear VdGM Community members,


As the VdGM preconference in Bratislava came to an end we have wished a farewell to our now immediate past president Dr. Claire Marie Thomas. Her term was filled with many new exciting developments for our network and has strenghtened the community in many ways. In her departing seech Claire has touched upon many challenges which family medicine and we as doctors face, however hope and positivity for the brighter future are still standing strong.  


You can read her full speech, named "Metamorphosis of a movement" here: http://www.clairemariethomas.com/2019/06/metamorphosis-of-a-movement/ 


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We would like to thank Claire on behalf of our community for leading VdGM with an execellency in leadership, compassion and true values. 


With best wishes from Bratislava,

Your VdGM team  




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