News on the 4th VdGM Forum

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


The abstracts are all in and we are on track for a fantastic forum in Strasbourg. We were thrilled to receive so many excellent abstracts and would like to thank all the authors for their hard work and enthusiasm.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Scientific Committee for their support in reviewing all the abstracts through such a robust process. After receiving all the abstracts they are anonymised of country and author data before being distributed to our abstract review teams. Each abstract is scored by 2-3 reviewers independently upon a predetermined set of criteria. The scores are then combined to enable us to rank the abstracts. The highest scoring abstracts are allocated to the available slots for workshops, oral presentations and posters. Our reviewers are looking for adequacy, relevancy, suitability and clarity of the abstract components (aims, objectives, methods, results). Additional points are given for any special merits such as original methodology or difficult research circumstances. For workshops we also consider the anticipated level of participation and engagement of the delegates.


We have been able to allocate:

· 9 workshops (out of 22 submitted abstracts)

· 15 oral communications (out of 18 submitted abstracts)

· 13 posters (out of 14 submitted abstracts)


Whilst the schedule will provide a varied and exciting program as it stands, we would like to increase the level of participant-led activities. As such we met over the weekend with representatives from the VdGM Executive, Host Organising Committee and Scientific Committee to review the Forum schedule with the aim of finding space for more workshops and oral communications. We have been successful in creating additional spaces in the program, which will be allocated to the next highest ranking abstracts. Successful authors will be contacted this week.


As the abstract submission deadline was extended, to allow for more of you to submit your work, we will also be extending the cancellation deadline for the forum registration. The new registration cancellation deadline is the 5th March.


We will be announcing the final program once all authors have confirmed their attendance. We are confident we will be delivering a program that combines participant-led activities with quality plenary sessions. The Forum will offer scientific content, interactive sessions, patient perspectives and networking opportunities. Most importantly we look forward to the wonderful Vasco da Gama Movement spirit that comes with bringing together our vibrant and dynamic members from across Europe and beyond. If you have not yet registered you can do so here.


See you in Strasbourg!


Warm Regards

Host Organising Committee, Strasbourg

VdGM Executive Group

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