Nomination for Officers of WONCA for the 2020-22 biennium

This year of 2020 will be a busy one, culminating in the WONCA World Council and Conference in Abu Dhabi in late November.  In anticipation of the WONCA Council meeting, nominations are open for candidates for a Young Doctors’ Movement representative, a President Elect and three Members at Large.

Candidates for Young Doctors' Representative will be required to provide evidence of participation in, and support of, his or her regional Young Doctors' Movement and will be required to confirm, in writing, that as at 24th November 2020 they will still qualify as a junior doctor – ie that they are either in residency training or within five years of completing residency training at that date. Additional requirements are contained in the attached letter.

Nominations must be received no later than July 17th, so that all documentation can be checked and endorsed by the WONCA Nominating and Awards Committee.



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