Outcome of elections for Executive positions

Yet again, the VdGM Council Meeting held at the 2017 VdGM Preconference was a moment of renewal for the Vasco da Gama Movement: six Executive members were elected and several ammendments to the VdGM Constitution were approved.


We're proud to announce the outcome of the VdGM Council vote for Executive positions and offer hearty congratulations and best wishes to the newly elected Executive officers:


Berk Geroğlu (Secretary)

Nina Monteiro (Exchange Liaison)

Nicholas Mamo (Treasurer)

Elena Klusova (Events Liaison)

Kristina Ziuteliene (Image Liaison)

Vera Pires da Silva (Awards & Fundraising Liaison)


Welcome to the team! We look forward to your helping take VdGM to the next level!



To Elisabeth Stura (fomer Treasurer), Ivana Babic (former Education & Training Liaison), Luís de Pinho-Costa (former Image Liaison), Rosa Avino (former Exchange Liaison) and Rosy Tsopra (former Research Liaison), we are truly grateful for your commitment and dedication to helping the VdGM family. You have VdGM’s deep gratitude for your hard work and selfless contribution. We wish you every success in your personal and professional lives.



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