Preconference 2012 Vienna

The theme of the 2012 Preconference was "The art of becoming a General Practitioner". The Preconference took place in Vienna between 3-4 July 2012.

Photos from the 2012 VdGM Preconference in Vienna can be seen on VdGM's Flickr page.


The Visionary Speech of the 2012 VdGM Preconference was presented by Carl Steylaerts, WONCA Europe Treasurer. The video is available on WONCA Europe's website here


Tony Mathie (WONCA Europe President) and Harris Lygidakis (VdGM Chair) presented the VdGM 2012 Awards during the Closing Ceremony of the WONCA Europe Conference. Watch the video here.


On the last day of the conference, the keynote speech was presented by 3 senior GPs of WONCA and 3 junior GPs of VdGM. You can watch the video on Wonca Europe's website here.


Harris Lygidakis (VdGM Chair) and Julia Baumgartner (2012 Vienna Preconference Manager) thanked Carl Steylaerts for his support for VdGM with a painting representing the VdGM logo which has been created by all the 2012 VdGM Preconference participants. Pictures can be seen here.


Photos (Preconference)

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Photos (Junior Researcher Award 2012)

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Other photos from the 2012 Wonca Europe Conference can be seen here.