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Registration deadline: 20th April 2014


Preconference Programme and Booklet


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Welcome Message

The preconference, organized by the Vasco da Gama Movement, will take place from the 1st to the 2nd of July 2014.

Portugal is happy to receive the WONCA Europe Preconference in such a special year. We are celebrating 10 years since the foundation of the Vasco da Gama Movement - the WONCA Europe working group for new and future General Practitioners.

Taking this in consideration, the 2014’s preconference imported its main theme from the WONCA 2014 Conference: NEW ROUTES IN FAMILY MEDICINE.
Portugal is known throughout its history for opening new worlds to the world. This enterprising and adventurous spirit will surely be inspiring for all the young GPs from around Europe, encouraging them to participate actively in this landmark event.
In the preconference we will discuss the last 10 years of the Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM). It is important for all of us to understand what has been done, what were the main difficulties and the main successes of this group. Realizing its objectives and its purpose, it is important to raise awareness amongst young GPs to the different areas in which they are summoned to help the VdGM.
Surveying the movement’s history and looking into its future, young GPs are also asked to give their contribution to the different “routes” we want the VdGM to travel within the next 10 years. Consensus on the objectives of the group in the future are essential, if we are to keep all our efforts efficient. It’s a decisive moment in VdGM’s history, and we are inviting you to be a part of it.
Groups will be made to discuss all these themes and their work will be shared. We will then proceed to attempt a consensus declaration on the objectives of the VdGM and General Practice/Family Medicine for the next 10 years.
Because we, GP trainees and young doctors, believe we have an essential role in the development of Family Medicine, let’s make our voice strong! Let’s make our voice one!
We are preparing a unique, innovative and enthusiastic preconference! Come and join us! Your participation is very important to us!
The event is organized by the Vasco da Gama Movement, and is open to trainees and junior General Practitioners / Family Physicians (GPs/FPs), up to five years after their qualification.
The following information will help you to get an idea of what the Preconference entails.

What is the aim of the VdGM Preconference?

The Vasco da Gama Movement organises an annual meeting just a day before the WONCA Europe Conference, in which participants coming from all over Europe have the exceptional opportunity to communicate, convey their own points of view and broaden their horizons while learning from other countries, cultures and contexts.

What's the content of the Preconference?

The theme of this year’s preconference is “New Routes for General Practice and Family Medicine”.
The participants will have the opportunity to:
a) meet trainees and juniors GPs/FPs from other countries and have an introduction to GP/FM in the Global Context;
b) become acquainted with various national profiles and be able to compare the different primary care systems at different levels: health systems organization, status of GP/FM and vocational training programs;
c) discuss and elaborate visions for the future of GP/FM. The following themes will be part of group work sessions:
- improvement of practice, quality, teaching and research of GP/FM in other countries;
- development of GP/FM to meet the needs of patients in an increasingly complex field within a rapidly changing society characterized by rising demands from individuals and ever-growing medical possibilities;
- working conditions corresponding to the needs of the upcoming generation of family doctors.
- Exchange in GP/FM.
d) understand the importance of international peer networks.
The Preconference will include the celebration of the 10th anniversary of VdGM, with some surprises and an exciting celebration of the work of this working group.
The visionary speech will be by João Sequeira Carlos (the first President of VdGM). A plenary session will follow with the presentation of all group works.

Information about the registration

The Preconference is open to every trainee or new GP/FP, up to 5 years after his/her qualification, who wishes to participate. However, there are 85 places available and registrations will be carried out in a first-come, first-served basis.
Please note that even though there is no selection of the participants, we highly recommend that they will be trainees and junior colleagues who haven’t been in touch with VdGM and the WONCA family yet.
The registration fee for the Preconference is €65.
Deadline for registration: 20th April 2014.

Registration is now closed.


Further information

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