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Skødstrup Lægepraksis

  • Skødstrup Lægepraksis

    Stationsvangen 70, DK - 8541 Skødstrup.

    Phone: + 45 8699 1655 andfax: + 45 8699 3588.




    Welcome to our general practice in Skødstrup!



    Our clinic is placed in a mixed rural/village area in the eastern part of the Danish mainland - close to the sea and nice country-side - and close to "civilisation" with just 15 km to the university city of Aarhus with 250.000 inhabitants. We have just 30 kilometers to an international airport.



    We are 8 GP's (3 female and 5 male) working in the clinic - and always 1-3 trainees during their specialist training in family medicine. For shorter periods we also have medical students in the clinic.

    Apart from the daily work with patients, the doctors are engaged in education, organisation and development of family medicine in many respects - allowing you to be invited to these educational sessions as well.



    We have 2½ Practice nurses and 5 full-time secretaries. There is also a dietician attached to our practice.



    We run a well-equipped modern clinic with a fully computerised filing system. Our clinic (1500 square meters in total) is placed in a purpose-built building and we have recently refurbished extensively.

    We have approximately 11.500 patients registered at our clinic - and we service the surrounding area with a diameter ofapprox. 15 km.



    We absolutely prefer that you combine your visit to our clinic with a visit to another general practice in our area. We suggest one week at our clinic and one week in another clinic (we will help to arrange this). This will allow you to broaden your view of Danish general practice.


    Preferred visiting periods:

    Avoid in general the months of July, August and December. Because of our engagement in many fields some other periods might be inconvenient, too. Therefore we prefer your contact as early as possible allowing us to plan a good exchange visit for you.



    It might be possible to stay in turn with some of the GP's or the trainee-doctors. In other periods where this is impossible low-cost accomodation is available at the Youth Hostel or similar low-budget accomodations in Aarhus.



    Please make contact as soon as possible to:

    Dr. Per Kallestrup

    e-mail: kallestrup@dadlnet.dk


    Dr. Roar Maagaard

    e-mail: roarmaag@post7.tele.dk

    Open for applications: 
    Wednesday, 17 April, 2013 to Thursday, 17 April, 2014
    Friday, 19 April, 2013 to Saturday, 19 April, 2014
    Street address: 
    Stationsvangen 70, 8541 Skødstrup
    Skødstrup Lægepraksis
    Stationsvangen 70, 8541 Skødstrup