Social Media Blowout in Family Medicine

Join the workshop at WONCA Europe 2014, on Friday 4th July at 5pm.




Following the initial slow growth of Social Media (SoMe), we now find ourselves in a world in which they are hard to escape. Despite filling many physicians with trepidation, the reality is that Social Media are here to stay. Increasingly our patients employ them, not just to find information, but also to interact with their doctors and peers. It is therefore imperative that doctors not only respond to the new 2.0 paradigm, but that we learn how to use them effectively and efficiently for collaborative, educational and advocacy purposes, both with other healthcare professionals and in partnership with our patients.



This workshop will explore and identify strategies and tools that promote, encourage and assist physicians to achieve effective and time efficient use of Social Media. It will also focus on how they can facilitate interaction on a global platform with other healthcare professionals and colleagues for educational and diagnostic reasons and with patients for the purpose of education, advocacy and enhancement of doctor-patient communication.



Through group work and the use of Social Media tools including having an pre-assigned hashtag (#VdGMSoMe), a live Twitter stream, and broadcasting a Google Hangout Live on Air, the workshop  will explore the experiences of participants of using Social Media and the range of platforms available such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote, Whatsapp, Flickr, Office Webapps, Google Docs and Groups, Google+ Pages and Communities, and iWork.

By linking live with invited contributors, the workshop will consider examples of best practice from  areas outside of healthcare, look at crowdsourcing and crowdfunding both within and outside of healthcare, and show how geographical barriers and the concept of rural remoteness can be rendered irrelevant by Social Media. The workshop will explore the utility of Social Media for purposes of education, clinical diagnostics, and doctor-patient interactivity.


Expected Outcomes:

Having identified tools and strategies that promote and allow efficient and effective use of Social Media, participants will be better equipped to harness their power and potential and incorporate its use more fully within their working lives.



Target audience: