Social Media, Now! - What do we (k)now [A Vasco da Gama Workshop]

The workshop will be held in WONCA Europe 2012 Congress, on Thursday 6th July at 14.00 in Room R26.



The use of social media within the facilitation of primary care at a local and international level has become standard and its impact is increasing. In this workshop we give an overview of practical uses of social media in primary care combined with practical examples.


The experience of the VdGM Image group when using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will be summarised. The key ingredients to the success of the Portugese Virtual Conferences will be reviewed. Other mainstream Web 2.0 communication technologies will be outlined including Doc2Doc.


We will go on to demonstrate how quickly such networks can be set up, maintained and the potential maximised. Within this part of the workshop there will be a focus upon those new to the use of social media or simply people who wish to receive a quick update to be to make good use of this phenomenon.
Small group discussion will then take place regarding how the information presented within the workshop can be applied at a local level. Followed by a feedback session reviewing the action points and consideration how we can increase such communication forums within primary care globally.


You are welcome to follow our Twitter feed (@vdgmeu) and let us know about your experience in the workshop.

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