Special Interest Group on Workforce Migration: Family doctors on the move

Lead: Alessio Platania (Italy) & Sonia Tsukagoshi (UK) - Alessio loves outdoors and exploring new places; he is an endlessly curious and always down to try something new. Sonia is a London GP, lecturer and researcher in Japan who plans entire day around her meals and loves to cook, eat and take photos.


Description: Did you migrate to work in a country different to where you originally trained? Maybe, you didn't but you are interested in the topic. This SIG is for you all!


This SIG's mission is to analyze and define the needs of migrant family doctors in Europe/World, and share these with colleagues from national and international organizations to develop successful strategies for universal solutions.


This SIG's vision is to bring migrant family doctors in Europe/World together, reflect on barriers, stressors and their root causes. The group wants to create resources that characterise these issues and offer solutions. The group wants to defend migrant family doctors nationally and internationally, and train all family doctors to support and advocate for them.


This SIG was created for family doctors by family doctors who have experienced emigrating from one country and immigrated to another.

It was created in January 2019 and in six months the group had grown to 120 members suggesting that there is a need for support amongst this demographic. The group hopes to do this through research (publications and conference workshops), through providing informative materials and through creating a community to share challenges and joys.


The SIG believes that those who will migrate will migrate anyway. The SIG is not promoting active recruitment from overseas but, for those who have made the decision already, the group is there to understand the motivations of migration and support each other to make this transition smooth.