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Tel-Nordau clinic, Tel-Aviv


About the clinic:

This clinic is located in the center of "the city which doesn't sleep", that is Tel-Aviv, of course. It treats 11,000 patients, with 7 GPs and a pediatrician, and also has dermatologic, allergy clinic and genetic counseling services as well. The community is very diverse, reflecting the multi-cultural mixture of Tel-Aviv's residents. 

about the host:


Host: Lyn Solod (Fruhma@yahoo.co.uk )

Dr. Solod is a young GP who migrated not so long ago from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv. Naturally, she speaks Dutch and Flemish, and very enthusiastic about hosting residents or young GPs from the Netherlands/Belgium. Any others will also be gladly welcomed, of course.

Open for applications: 
Sunday, 21 April, 2013
Street address: 
Tel-Nordau, Tel-Aviv
Tel-Nordau clinic, Tel-Aviv
Tel-Nordau, Tel-Aviv