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VdGM Council: Functions

The Council is the ruling body of the Vasco da Gama Movement. Its members - the National Delegates - are appointed/elected by WONCA Europe member oganisations.

Council Members (National Delegates)

This is the list of all the Members that participate in the VdGM Council currently.

Research Awards


General Practice (GP)/ Family Medicine (FM) is known to be an emerging field for research activities all over the world. Moreover, the characteristics of the discipline, as defined by WONCA Europe, create a demand for multi-methodological research skills.

Thus, Vasco da Gama Movement Research Awards aim at promoting a new generation of GP/FM doctors which sees both research skills and patient care as a life time career.


Get Involved

You can get involved through:


  • attending Events
  • taking part in Exchanges
  • applying for Awards and Bursaries
  • joining a Special Interest Group
  • Become a Liaison or connect with one of our collaborative networks/projects 
  • contribute to Policy development 
  • join us on Social Media 


Stay in contact with us:

Members (National Exchange Coordinators)

This is the list of the National Exchange Co-ordinators for participating VdGM countries; this makes up the VdGM Exchange Theme Group Team.

Exchange Awards

The Vasco da Gama Movement awards the Hippokrates Exchange Prize to the best Hippokrates exchange to an European rural or urban practice and the Carosino Prize to the best Hippokrates exchange to an European rural practice*. The Exchanges must have been completed in the two calendar years before the Award ceremony.



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