VdGM Fund: 2x 500€ Edinburgh Forum

The Vasco da Gama Movement Fund for the VdGM Forum Edinburgh 2022

Full Text in attached pdf.

Since 2012 VdGM has financially supported dozens of young family physicians across the region and brought them closer to the international ygp community. The truly inspirational power and strength of VdGM is based on the diversity of its members. VdGM Fund has been created in order to equalize opportunities of participating in VdGM events, especially to support those who have low income, as well asthose who are new to VdGM. We are convinced that participation in the mentioned events can boost the motivation of being a great physician, an active member of VdGM and build a strong network of young family doctors across the continent.

Each of two VdGM Fund recipients will be given up to 500€ of reimbursement.

All the documents must be sent to the Awards and Fundraising Officer by 28th of November.

The Selection of the two VdGM Fund recipients will be made by a Jury made up ofrepresentatives from VdGM and WONCA Europe, who will evaluate the application forms.

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