Winners of the 2012 Hippokrates Exchange and Carosino Prizes

The VdGM is happy to announce the winners of this year Carosino and Hippokrates Exchange Prizes, which award respectively the best exchange in a rural and any setting which took place in 2011 or 2012.


First of all on the behalf of the VdGM we would like to thank the President of Wonca Europe, Dr Tony Mathie, the Senior Hippokrates Coordinator and very creator of the Hippokrates Programme Dr Per Kallenstrup and Dr Jaume Banqué Vidiella executive member of EURIPA who kindly accepted to be part of the panel who revised and selected this year applications.


Among the passionate and enthusiastic GP trainees who submitted their work, the 2012 winner of the Carosino Prize is Dr Marine Parmentier, 3rd GP trainee from France who visited Dr Angus Gallacher Practice in Buckie, Scotland, UK. On the other hand, the Hippokrates Exchange Prize goes to Dr Clara Vilavella Lizana from 3rd year GP trainee from Spain hosted by Dr Brigit Morre Pedersen in Århus, Denmark.


A special thanks also to the entire VdGM Exchange group and all National Exchange Co-ordinators whose work and dedication is essential to the reality and development of the Hippokrates Programme.

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